Page TitleThe largest dog breeds in the world

There are more than four hundred dog breeds in the world. Specialists divide them into small, medium and large. Cynologists also distinguish a separate group of four-legged pets - giant breeds. Among these dogs are these real heavyweights, as well as animals that are characterized by very high growth and relatively low body weight. The largest dog in the world is a German dog named Zeus, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. 
The German Great Dane is the largest dog breed in the world. The body of the animal is very strong and muscular. The paws are long and strong.
This dog is considered a good companion, because he is able to understand his master literally from half a word. He tries to please his owner in everything.
Dogs are patient with children and get along well with other pets. These dogs are great for both large families and single breeders.
Pet training should be given plenty of time. Otherwise, the dog may become willful and disobedient. A properly trained pet always behaves in a reserved and non-aggressive manner. 
English Mastiff is a heavy dog. In ancient times they were used to hunt big game.
Despite their menacing appearance, these animals are known for their friendly and calm demeanor. The dog never shows aggression without a reason.
It is possible to have this pet for people who are not into sports and active lifestyle. Mastiff can not be attributed to fans of active games. He is slow and even passive. Badly tolerates the heat. 
Externally, the American Mastiff is a copy of the Mastiff bred by the British. Its main difference from its colleague is neatness and good health. At the moment the breed belongs to the few and rare and is still on the stage of formation.
In everyday life, these powerful dogs behave peacefully and calmly. Mastiff may rush to attack only when it feels a real threat. These dogs are very attached to their owners. Separation from the owner is painfully tolerated.
Pets are distinguished by obedience, so training is easy. They listen to the trainer very attentively and gladly perform all his commands. 
Leonberger - a breed of dog with a truly royal appearance: they are large and fluffy, and the hair of these dogs like a lion's mane.

The character of the pet is characterized by poise. He is always calm and reasonable. In addition, it is extremely patient: it is difficult to get rid of Leonberger. The representatives of this breed are aggressive only when they feel a real danger. They will always protect all members of the family in which they live.Very loyal to the owner. Also, these large shaggy dogs love children: representatives of the breed are patient even with strange child and will gladly play with him. Can become quite a good babysitter.